I FEEL YOU! My biggest fear is not being thankful enough… My sister would be able to tell you that everyday after we have a conversation with someone or buy something from the shop I always ask her ‘was I rude, was I nice enough, was I thankful???’. She always laughs and says I was nice but I can’t shake the feeling that I could have been kinder and it bugs me for HOURS! I’ve begun to realize that nobody thinks about our actions as much as we ourselves question them. As selfish as it sounds, we think about ourselves a whole lot more than anyone else ever does. If you say something to a stranger, chances are they won’t think twice about it but then in your mind it can circulate for such a long time. So next time you find yourself overthinking, try to remind yourself that you are most likely the only person who is bothered by it, if you are worried you have offended someone (when you are pretty sure you’ve done nothing wrong), you probably haven’t!
I know it’s not an easy habit to break, but overtime hopefully you will be able to clear your mind a bit more. Try your hardest to be kind at all times, that way you know within yourself that you have no reason to worry :) x